Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maybe Doug would have me on his show if I spelled his name right

Yeah. I spelled Fabrizio wrong in my labels (see previous blog entry). Anyway, our Carol did a grand job--when I could hear her. The sound on the 11:30 show today went in and out. V. annoying, especially since no one was on call up there to hear me whine about it.

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LucindaF said...

Just tell Doug you'll be wearing your THONGS in his studio.

Doug's Brain: Does she mean, feel like air on your feet thongs?

Dougs Brain again: Or the Super Sexy feels like air on your derier thongs?

Dougs actual words: Ann, I'm interested in having you on my show.

Ann's brain: He soo wants me. Cuz I'm 53 and super sexy. Have you seen my legs Doug? Have you seen 'em? Sexy, that's right.

Ann's brain again: I think I should reward my sexiness with a cupcake. Hold the sprinkles though, cuz this body is only naturally 93% sexy, I have to work on the other 7%. Don't hate everyone, don't hate.

Ann's actual words: Yeah, whatever Doug, I'll check my calendar.