Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The answer is yes

The question? "Do you ever run out of ideas for your column?" I'm asked this whenever I speak, and while I usually have something bubbling on the backburner when I sit down to do the column every Monday, there are times when suddenly! It's Tuesday! And still no column!


In this case I'll just have to find something, anything, and noodle around with it for awhile until I can turn it into 500 halfway decent words. I've done it before so it's easier to have a little faith in the process. Still. Light a candle for me.

Meanwhile I bought a raisin-filled cookie from Parson's Bakery in Bountiful this afternoon and snarfed it down in a single sitting. I think I've mentioned before that raisin-filled cookies are one of my benchmark foods, along with potato salad, coleslaw, chili rellanos and key lime pie. Not many folks make them anymore. Parson's does a nice job.

And finally--I was in Bountiful to have my wrist checked. The brace came off today. SO YAY for that. I have limited motion, though, so it looks like lots of p.t. ahead.


LucindaF said...

You know, I was wondering... what could possibly be the follow-up after folded toilet paper?

Glad you had a yummy cookie. Also glad that you were freed from your brace.

Currently I am sitting in the spare office of the seminary building, working on my own writing, woofing down a chicken chimichanga from Los Betos. Yummy cheese, and plus, it's huge.

What? You can't tell I'm working on my MS? I am too, it's just that my computer beeps when you update your blog, and who can resist the latest witt from Ann?

Also, and in conclusion, I'd very much like to light a candle on your behalf, but my family has hidden the matches from me. So in a substitive manner, I will toast you with my diet drink with lime.

"To Ann, her wrist, her huge list of favorites, and her column. May the force be with you."

Kerry said...

you could collect stories about the crazy things people do on ambien. my mom just told me that last week she went to the store and bought ten pounds of salt. no memory of it. ;-)

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

I live in Bountiful, and I forget that I have such a yummy bakery so close to me. Thanks for reminding me! I will have to go get one of their yummy sugar cookies. I am glad you got your brace off!

Randi said...

yes! the brace came off! woo hoo!

Louise Plummer said...

You don't mean mincemeat cookies, do you? My mother-in-law used to make those and they were everbody's favorites. It makes my mouth water just to think of them.