Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Randi!

You know how I try to keep this blog about writing. Also food. BUT! I have to divert here for a moment.

Almost three summers ago, my two oldest boys grew up and got themselves married to a pair of extremely awesome girls whom I could NOT adore more. One of them has a birthday today, and I just wanted to give her a big shoutout with the following list:

1. She has a great laugh
2. She's a dynamite school teacher
3. She's put my son in touch with his outdoorsy self
4. She has a flair for interior design
5. She's a good dog mama to her pug Leila
6. She's always game for new experiences
7. She taught me how to crochet a scarf
8. She's a wonderful daughter, sister, friend, daughter-in-law, aunt and wife
9. She has excellent taste in earrings
10. The world is a nicer place because she's in it


Randi said...

I am honored. Thanks! I love you Ann!

Louise Plummer said...

Way to be a mother-in-law! Happy Birthday, Randi.

Karim said...

What a cute post. I learned a few new things about Randi. You are a obviously a great mother in law, and you make an awesome aunt (in-law?), too!