Friday, July 17, 2009

My writing plan at the moment

I'm gong to sit here and write TWENTY MINUTES without getting up to do laundry or go the bathroom or try on a pair of new earrings or grab another can of Dr. Pepper out of the fridge or change the radio station or (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK).

This is always what I tell people to do at conferences. Set aside a few minutes every day--a few super FOCUSED minutes--and go for it. SUCH FREAKING EASY ADVICE TO GIVE.

And then after I write, I'm going to do physical therapy on my wrist and hand, i.e. play solitaire with actual cards. I devised this bit of therapy myself and yes. I think I'm pretty much a genius.


Kerry said...

when I broke my elbow they made me play the piano for twenty minutes a day. not my favorite twenty minutes. ;-)

LucindaF said...

You know, if I was there, I'd put you through rigorous therapy. ie war, uno, phase 10, gin rummy, etc...

I do however think that I wouldn't be much help for your writing plan.

I'm leaving in a little bit to work on my own plan. And I'm going to try your FREAKING ADVICE about not getting up for anything.

Lisa B. said...

Well, you are pretty much of a genius, but not only for this reason. That 20 minutes scenario, that right there--well, that's good. I think I'll try it tomorrow.