Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I need your help

I want to write a column about stupid stuff dogs eat. Yes! I know! America is dying to read this one! Anyway, I'd appreciate any posts on the subject.

Meanwhile, I skipped buying a cupcake yesterday for the first time in many, many days. I felt kind of virtuous, actually. Like I could do self-denial or something. But then of course today I'm going there was a cupcake out there with my name on it. And I missed it. And where's the fun in that?


Lisa B. said...

Speaking of cupcakes, Bruiser ate one (along with an assortment of other delicious and expensive baked goods from Les Madeleines) the other day.

Also? an entire batch of brioche dough (10 eggs, a buttload of butter) as it was (finally!) proofing in the pan.

Also? an entire pizza. He took the box into the back yard and ate the pizza along with much of the delicious grease-soaked box.

Mmmmmmmmm, grease-soaked box. Mmmmmmm, egg-rich dough.

K. Marie Criddle said...

I've never had a dog, but my cat Flux eats dental floss. She tears open the little plastic boxes and we find it all slobbery and wrapped around the house.

Considering Preston's a dentist, we're slightly proud of her hygiene, but still a little grossed out.

But brioche dough! Sad day for you, Lisa...but what a lucky dog. :)

Kerry said...

I bought a dozen cupcakes from Mrs. Backer's last week for a friend-who-was-visiting-with-her-dog. I left them on the table. An hour later I came back and there were two cupcakes. The only person around was my two year old, Lily. I asked, "Lily? What happened to all the cupcakes?" She pointed out the window at the dog and said, "I fed them to Frankie." Who, sure enough, had Mrs. Backer's frosting all over his face. He looked mighty pleased.

Alec said...

Leila is really good about not chewing things left on the ground, but for some reason she loves knocking over the garbage can in the bathroom and eating snotty tissues. We often find tissue hanging from her face.

shelley said...

The grossest things my dogs have eaten (that we know about):

tile grout
rotting fruit out of the compost bin
horse and cow patties
prescription medicines (a lot of them)
flour and yeast
face wash

Funny anecdote. My brother was running track one day after school, and around one of the bends he and his running mates noticed a trash can had been knocked over, and a dog was ravenously searching for food. The consensus between the boys was something like, "Dude, that's gross!" Around the second loop of the track, my brother looked closer and exclaimed: "Wait a sec...that's MY DOG!!!"
Yep, our Labrador Lars had somehow escaped from our house to find his way to the treasure trove that is the high school garbage bins. Ick.

dede said...

We used to dog sit Tom and Louise's dog when they would go out of town.

That dog would eat anything. Used tampons and pads out of the bathroom trash, soiled diapers, really expensive shoes.

But the best one was when Rian left the fridge open one day and she ate a pound of salmon in tinfoil. Didn't leave any tinfoil either.

ann cannon said...

Thank you thank you, people! I love you! Please keep 'em coming.

See. I'm turning into a blog person now. I respond on my own blog.

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

My in-laws' dogs will eat their own throw up. They also eat flies, bees, and wasps, right out of the sky.

The Tanners said...

ANN! I don't have any dog stories because i don't really like animals (other than Zora...i'm currently obsessed with Zora and want her terribly...) But i had to say hi! and you are wonderful! and i just love you! (ps this is Kelly Tanner who happens to be Kendell's, your daughter-in-law, sister. [i figured you could guess but figured i would still explain!])

The Tanners said...

oh oh what is your email address and i can send you an invite to my blog... if you want one! or email me... kellyatanner@gmail.com... i miss you! I need to see you more often... maybe if we end up in salt lake! or even if not... you me and kendell should do a lunch date (oh and ps... i hate real punctuation on random posts)

Louise Plummer said...

Dede is talking about Zoe who actually went through a couple of thousand dollars worth of shoes. I am not kidding

Our first dog, Emily, ate the leftover grease from a roast I had made. I had a tiny kitchen and set the pan on the floor while we ate dinner.

Diarreah! Serious Diarreah. All day diarreah.

Emma said...

Coco ate the entire pack, casing and all, of her de-worming medicine when she was a puppy.

Recently she has been enjoying miniature palm trees, and baby diapers that never made it to the trash.

candace said...

eww. i just can't believe all of these stories!! I do love the repetition of cup-cake eating dogs, though!

I heard a story about a dog eating vomit on NPR--I know, you never would have guessed. But here's the link if you don't believe me..http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=102880681

i will now TRY and enjoy my lunch now.

Amelia said...

I have no stories about dogs eating disgusting things. Unless you count the wild chicken Siggy the sausage dog ate in my mom's back yard. True story. But I will tell you this. I love that you are blogging!

Sarah said...

A few Easters ago, my sister's dog Schafer found EVERY SINGLE hidden plastic easter egg, opened them, picked out the chocolate treats inside, and didn't touch the jelly beans. Turns out he wasn't allergic to the chocolate. They found that out when he kept on living.

Our puppy Oscar ate baby poop yesterday. Our little boy: "Hey Dad, what's Oscar got in the back yard, Dad? What's he chewing on, Dad?"

Louise Plummer said...

Sarah, you made me laugh out loud.

Oh yes, Jonathan had the stupidest dog ever born. He ate his whole plastic kennel!

Pink Ink said...

My husband is a vet.I remember him telling me that once there was a dog that kept coming in sick to his clinic because he liked to eat his female owner's underwear. No lie.

Annie said...

Our dog ate a package of Halloween makeup (we came home and our dog Louie looked disturbingly Joker-ish and he had smeared it on the sofa cushions)

my (ambivalent-at-best-about-pets) husband's Blackberry (well, chewed it up anyway)

dozens of pens and pencils

1/2 stick of butter he managed to reach on the counter

I enjoy your blog!