Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling humble

Yesterday I went to Provo (family seat and so forth) to hear my mother give a presentation on THREE CUPS OF TEA to her literary club. As I drove south I knew these three things for sure.

1. My mother would give a thoughtful, well-prepared report.
2. She and all her friends would be dressed to the nines.
3. I would be served an excellent chicken salad.

And I was right!

But here was the thing I didn't expect--to be so touched by the all of it. I was touched by my mother's passion for the book. I was touched that some of these women have been getting together for over forty years to broaden their world through literature. I was touched by that generation's commitment to pulling on a pair of pantydamnhose and looking so GREAT in the middle of the day.

They kind of made me feel like an intellectually flabby badly dressed slacker actually. Not that I'll be buying pantyhose any day soon. But still.


Lisa B. said...

Pantyhose are horrible. And yet, as you say: it's impressive that people dignify such an occasion by dressing for it--and I, too, love ladies' book clubs of all kinds, especially when there is lunch involved.

Louise Plummer said...

I think I've been to that club. Lovely ladies. I still pull on the pantyhose but not nearly as often.