Thursday, April 2, 2009

No excuse for . . .

. . . a crappy cupcake. That's what my friend Lisa says and she is sooooooo right. Anyway, I had a terrible cupcake this morning at the Barnes and Noble down at the Gateway. It was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate mousse center. DUDE! HOW CAN YOU SCREW THAT UP?

Here's how. Let it sit in your glass case for too long so that it dries out and tastes like cardboard with a dollop of nasty pudding. What a disappointment.

But! Speaking of Lisa! (Which we were!) She does this thing where she writes a poem a day for a month. The poem doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done. And after the month is over, Lisa has this treasure trove of raw material. Genius! Anyway, I want to do a picture book verion of this project (something several Utah children's authors have done). I'll write a picture book a day--and we'll see where that takes me.

Hopefully NOT back to the cupcake at Barnes and Noble.


shelley said...

Well, could we expect any better from B&N?!

Lisa B. said...

B & N, and while we're at it, Starbucks, has the knack of food that *looks* like it's going to deliver and then kicks you in the head with its sorry, sorry, and while we're at it, just plain mean, badness. I am so very bummed on your behalf because of the terrible cupcake.

New poems are happening this months! National Poetry Month, boo ya!

Kerry said...

B&N cupcakes are the WORST. total waste of carbs.

candace said...

Dear Ann,
Thank you for your thougths today on art in every day life...I absolutely loved the twist you took on it. I've turned something you said into a challenge for myself...I'll be posting about it on my blog soon.
Your newest fan,

p.s.I know the cupcake is THE THING lately, but if you haven't tried a gourmet cookie from My Dough Girl (they just opened on 300 W, and 770 S. in December) you are in for such a treat. The April cookie is named Lucy and she's a cookie with lime dough and a cheesecake center, dusted with powder sugar and topped off with lime curd--uh, yeah--did I say gourmet? Worth every calorie--no doubt.

Louise Plummer said...

Holy Cow, a bad cupcake?! Yeah, yeah, write every day. How about changing our hair color every day?
Changing our underwear every day? Changing our minds every day? Changing socks? Changing channels? Changing diapers? Somebody kill me.