Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In my other life

My boy Alec once did a funny post about googling your own name and seeing who you find out there in cyberspace, not counting yourself. It's like going on a snipe hunt, only in this case you're going on a doppelganger hunt.

Anyhoo! One of my doppelgangers is also an author (just like me!) whose most recent title is SEXUALITY: GOD'S GIFT FOR ADOLESCENTS (just not like me!).

Okay. Can I even tell you how entertaining it has been this morning to imagine myself writing that particular book?

MY TEENAGERS: Mom! We're hungry! When are you going to fix dinner?
ME: As soon as I quit writing this book about you and God and also sex, okay?


Lisa B. said...

In my other life, I am a championship softball player.

ann cannon said...

And in my other other life I'm a professor of mathematics.

Louise Plummer said...

There's a Louise Plummer in Dublin, who is a caterer. There's also a Louise Plummer, ballet teacher. Louise Plummer, the author, has the most Google entries and a Wikipedia article (that she didn't write herself). Go Louise Plummers!

Alec said...

Ironically, I stole the self-googling post idea from my buddy Chase Thompson. The best I had was a guy named "Alec Cannon Miles" that was charged with some felony sex crime in West Virginia. Not quite as awesome as which used to be a site full of pictures of a woman whose alter ego was that of a transgendered man with the same name as my friend (unfortunately, it is no longer up).

Pink Ink said...


Sounds like your boys can use a cooking class from me.

That's what I would be in another life, I would have my own cooking show and I would cook desserts all day.

Or Filipino food.

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

There is an Ashley Walker who was in the WNBA draft. She was drafted by the Seattle Storm.

Kerri said...

This post made me laugh.

The other Kerri Green starred in Goonies and Lucas way back in the 80's. She comes up way more frequently on a Google search than I do. Go figure.