Sunday, April 5, 2009

Those Brits

Am reading THE ANGLO FILES: A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BRITISH by Sarah Lyall (American journalist, married to a Brit and residing in England). It's pretty much hysterical. I especially enjoyed the chapter on parliamentary (mis)behavior. Favorite story? When an MP showed up to a session without combing his hair first, everyone howled like werewolves when he took the floor. Can you imagine that happening here in the States? Government might be more FUN if it did.

Word of warning. Anyone who has spent any time in the UK knows that the Brits swear more casually, frequently and robustly than we do here. And you will see that reflected in the book. So. If you're squeamish, give the book a miss.


Lisa B. said...

I love liberal swearing. I will be picking up this book in a heartbeat.

Louise Plummer said...

Maybe I'm British!

shelley said...

Sure we left behind their way of government, their monarchy, teatime, fabulous hats, and bad teeth - but why couldn't we have retained their humor!?