Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here's why I'm a leetle sad today

ABC cancelled LIFE ON MARS. I came to the series kind of late--sometime in January when I was basically sitting on my bed the whole time except when I needed nourishment--and I was an instant fan. LOVED the characters and the actors who played them, especially Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli (who looked like a Serpico wannabe) and (interestingly) Gretchen Moll, who was completely likeable and luminous (way to go, Gretchen Moll!). And I especially liked the whole look and sound of the show--so very 70's in an authentic way, unlike THAT 70'S SHOW. And I would know, because dudes! I was completely there! Except that I was in Utah Valley! And not New York City! The series even looked a little yellow-ish, the way old footage of sporting events from the period look.

But then it got cancelled. The last episode was on Wednesday. I didn't mind it as finales go--I've sort of accepted the fact that finales can never live up to our expectations. And at least the writers tried to wrap things up, which I completely appreciate. Only now I have nothing to look forward to. Except maybe for baseball.

Baseball? Okay, I feel better now.

Had a cupcake from Mini's today. Vanilla with pink frosting. Please remind me that I prefer chocolate or lemon next time.


Kerry said...

but the ending left me totally intrigued! like, WTH?! but in a fascinated sort of way, not in a bad way.

Louise Plummer said...

Is vanilla even a flavor? Never heard of it.

candace said...

oooh, I love her cranberry orange cupcake..I think she may only make it around Christmas, though. The Diva is really good there, too--good old fashioned chocolate with a cream cheese frosting. I love Mini's.

K. Marie Criddle said...

I know! My husband and I were CRAZY for Life on Mars. WAtched it religiously.
Somehow, though, the finale was really satisfying. It was like these bitter writers said "Cancel our show? Well, we'll show you..." and made it that much more deliciously weird.
Like a cupcake, yes, but with more "take that" in it.