Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More adventures in sampling

So, as I said, I'm laying off the cupcakes for a bit. And I'm trying to like diet drinks, which is hard, because they leave the same kind of chemical-y aftertaste in my mouth that my friend Marilyn complained of when she was undergoing chemo. Still. I'm determined. So I've been driving around the valley sampling diet Cokes on tap. Yesterday, for example, I went to McDonald's on Seventh East and Second South. That's Phil's favorite place to get a diet Coke, and with fresh lemon it wasn't so bad. Except for the part where I couldn't taste my food for the rest of the day.

Just now I went to Hires and bought a CHERRY diet coke. A large one. With crushed ice.

Crushed ice wins.


Lisa B. said...

Crushed ice rules. Wait: is it the same as pebble ice? Because pebble ice rules, actually.

Miss Magpie said...

My favorite drink spot is Sonic. Crushed ice. Fresh Lemon or Lime. Sooo goood.