Thursday, August 30, 2012

What do you think?

So everything I hear and see on the radio/TV is making me cry this morning.  The news that babies are born addicted to painkillers.  That story about the Puerto Rican delegate at the RNC who was interrupted by chanting on the floor.  The realization that MSNBC has become as big a joke as Fox on the news front.  The knowledge that Paul Ryan and I have both Led Zeppelin and AC/DC on our playlists.

What do you think, people?  Time for me to break out the Celexa again?


Lisa B. said...

I know not about the Celexa, but I do know you should turn off the TV and the radio, since it is all a horror. And you should go buy yourself a big bunch of flowers and a fancy lemonade and a cookie, and find a shady tree, and take pictures of the stuff going by.

btw, the news is, I think, literally sickening me. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I feel full of rage. Neither of these states is helpful. So: flowers, lemonade, cookie, shady tree, take pictures. Rinse, repeat.

SWILUA said...

I had to ground myself from the news for awhile. It helped!

Celexa is good, too. Unless you're pregnant.

Which would also explain all the crying... Hm....

Louise Plummer said...

I only listen to NPR for my news and even then, I turn it off regularly. The world is salacious and discouraging.
But you should listen to Radio Lab. So good.

Celexa is good, but so is crying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dearest Ann,

I just spent 43 minutes catching up on your blog. Reading your little snippets are cathartic. I laugh out loud one minute and say ahhh the next. I've missed out on a bunch o'news, too - Q's mission call and departure, Ken's surgery, A TRIP TO ENGLAND - those caps are jealousy indicators - the pineapple story, Sting photo, and so much more. And one more thing: turn off the radio and watch BREAKING BAD instead. It'll make you laugh at all the salaciousness.