Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going, going and the long good-bye

So Q. takes off for the MTC tomorrow.


I am so proud of him.  I also think this is a good decision on his part.  But I just have this anxious, heavy, sour cloud hanging over me right now--have had it following me around consistently for the better part of the month, actually.  There's just this ongoing awareness that everything we do is the. last. time. we'll. be. doing. this. for. two. years.

Here's what I know after sending off other boys.  They return.  But they never truly come back home.

I'm so gonna miss that kid.


Lisa B. said...

I have been thinking about you. It's such a great thing, and such a hard thing. xoxo

Kamp Kyburz said...

Miserable joy.

shelley said...

Oh I hate missions. Plain and simple. Good luck tomorrow, my thoughts will be with you. At least you don't have to watch the sappy video anymore, right?

Emily said...

I dread, DREAD, the day my son and/or daughters leave for missions. I want them to stay with me always.

James said...

It is tough. I think a 2-year dose of Q is just what Chile needs. Still, its hard to say goodbye. Its hard to handle change. Just when we feel like we can handle our rhythm of life, something changes. A child leaves on a mission, for example, and with all due respect to Led Zeppelin, the song does not remain the same. Good luck on the next song. You'll be great.

Sara Z. said...

Ann, 1) you are an awesome mother. 2) endings are hard, and need to be mourned in whatever way the need to be mourned, IMHO. 3) the ending of one thing is also the beginning of another. Though there are a lot of goodbyes and lasts, now you are entering a new season of Ann. I think your writing will be a big part of this. I love you!

Donna said...

I didn't know your sweet son was leaving...hugs to you. I wish I was there to take you for a Dr. Pepper. We could go for a walk and speak of nothing important...just how blessed we are to be women.
When my children left I was so annoyed with women who told me their child was where they were supposed to be so they weren't sad. What a crock, and a lie.
I still cannot think about it, or sing that song. It must be a bit easier to just shove them out of the car in from of the MTC.
Now I will go and listen to NBC take the Mormons for a ride.
I love your wr