Monday, August 13, 2012

Discouraging news on the YA front

So Geoff is interested in reading (also re-reading) some YA fiction right now.  He prefers contemporary realistic fiction in the vein of Chris Crutcher's fabulous RUNNING LOOSE.

Anyhoo.  When I was at the library today I went into the teen room to grab some (possible) titles for him, and to my dismay nearly all the books were WAAAAAAY more girl-friendly than guy-friendly.  And what guy-friendly titles there leaned toward the sci-fi/fantasy vein, which Geoff doesn't care for.

It may be a man's world still in many ways.  But it just ain't when it comes to YA fiction.


Erin said...

I love YA fiction and agree with you about the wave of girl YA fiction. Has he read the Susan Cooper series "The Dark is Rising"? Definitely one of my favs. Or "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Does he like Zombies? If so, I would recommend Ashes by by Ilsa J. Bick or "Rot and Ruin"

Vivian evans said...

Try books like Into the Wild, Shadow Divers, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, Shakelton - YA - Leviathin, Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Graham Salisbury. Just a few ideas... yes it is a female world out there in the YA deptartment - get me back to reality.