Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wait for it!

Or don't.

Food, that is.

This morning Kathy was talking about an ad she'd seen, urging us all to have pumpkin pie in July.  No need to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas!  Get your pumpkin on now!

"Another thing we used to look forward to," she said glumly, "ruined."

Instant Gratification isn't all that it's cracked up to be.


Lisa B. said...

I will eat no pumpkin before its time, I.e. when there are actual pumpkins at the farmer's market, or the third Thursday in November, whichever comes second. Come on, America. Seasons!

Vivian evans said...

Funny story - a 90 year old lady whom I visit teach was telling me last summer how mad she was at her zucchini plant because it hadn't produced anything. She said she was going to give it a talking to.
The next time I asked her how the plant was doing she informed me it turned out to be a pumpkin plant. What was she to do with a pumpkin? I told her she could decorate with it in the fall and cook it up for pie afterward.
In November she brought me the pumpkins not realizing I had just had gall bladder surgery. She told me to throw them away and not worry about them.
I cooked and froze the pumpkin anyway. Her birthday is July 24 so I surprised her and made a pumpkin pie and one for us. It sure tasted good, even in July.

Anna said...

Just when you think the stores can't get any more ridiculous... I was at Sam's Club in Provo last week and no lie, saw Christmas ribbon on the end of an aisle. Stacks and stacks. Sigh.