Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Love

So Ken had knee surgery last Thursday and dude's on crutches for six weeks.  This, of course, has changed both of our lives.  There's a lot he can do for himself--and he does--but there are some things that are just really complicated, so then I take over.

Which is easier said than done.

This morning, for example, we stopped at Sinclair on his way to work to fill up the car.  I hopped out and went about my business when SUDDENLY he poked his head out the window started telling me how to pump gas.  I just stared at him.  And in my Wordless Stare there were many Wordless Sentences spoken, such as:

"Do you know how long I have been pumping my own gas, Buster?"

"Where are you usually when I pump my own gas?  NOT WITH ME."

"How do you think my car gets filled week after week?  By the gas fairies?"

The Wordless Stare had the effect of making him pull his head back in the car (like a turtle) and keep his mouth shut.  Meanwhile, one more Wordless Sentence went through my head:  "In spite of what just happened here, I love you anyway."


Lisa B. said...

"gas fairies."


(let me just say that, when this scenario plays out at my house, it is mostly me who get's all bossy and instructive. I think I've learned a lesson here.)

Lisa B. said...

ack. I know that there is no contraction involved in "gets." ack!

Mystery Girl said...

Chris was the same way after his shoulder injury. He'd tell me something needed doing and then proceed to tell me how he does it. We had friends round that evening and they almost left because apparently you could cut the tension with a knife! So know things just get done by the filter fairy, the water softener fairy etc. We never had a gas fairy:-)