Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I thought last night's final episode was quite satisfying, didn't you?  And I'm happy that the supporting cast--because that's where the true joy of the show has been for me--is sticking around for MAJOR CRIMES, which I want to like.

But last night's MAJOR CRIMES premiere episode felt . . . plodding.  It would be a tough act to follow the finale of such a beloved show.  I get that.  And I do like the Sharon Raydor character and want her to succeed.  But I'm wondering if a by-the-book character can drive the action enough to keep us interested.  Americans love a maverick!  Except if you're me and the maverick's name is Sarah Palin!  But whatever!  That's not the point.

Anyway.  Your thoughts?

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Lisa B. said...

I am giving Major Crimes several episodes to get its legs under it. I think it might take that, because I think it will be interesting to see what happens with Capt. Raydor as she has to do this particular job, much different than the job she did before. I feel like the energy of the show might be the emergence of a more complex character, which I felt Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson OMG I will miss her also had, and that developed over time. I felt this whole season asked us to revisit and reconsider our delight in her as a maverick, and to take account of the costs a little more. To that end, I'm thinking now that, though these last six episodes had their pleasures, I'm not sure they did justice ultimately to the show at its best.

But OMG I will miss her, and the show.