Thursday, January 5, 2012

And may I say . . .

I did love reading all your suggestions about how to make my next Christmas more satisfying. THANK YOU. I want to marry you guys. All of you! Set a date, and let me know.

So I'm gonna be discussing goals this week. I like goals, actually. They give me direction and a yardstick with which to measure my efforts by. (Geez. THAT was an awkward mouthful.)

My number one goal this year is to take a little bit better care of myself mental health-wise. I think I've indicated here that last year turned out to be surprisingly challenging for me, even though so many lovely things happened. Some time last February I got knocked back on my heels and never quite recovered.

So this year I want to be a little more proactive, which means I will . . .

1. Sit under my light box faithfully each morning.
2. Exercise daily.
3. Take the Celexa through March.
4. Do busy--but don't do too busy.
5. Embrace the season, by which I mean to notice and savor the pleasures inherent to a particular time of year.

Ah. Setting goals is just so satisfying.


Lisa B. said...

I feel that *I* will take better care of *my* mental health if I see you more regularly. So I'm setting that goal. And I cheer you on with these goals. I hope you can hear me way over there.

wjmom said...

These sound like wise and worthy goals. We will all appreciate it if you take good care of you.

Louise Plummer said...

"Do busy--but don't do too busy." Let me know when you figure this one out. I swing from side to side.

Anonymous said...

Do you really have a light box? I have seriously considered buying one for me and my daughters-in-law. I think we all suffer from varying levels of seasonal affective disorder aka s.a.d. (That acronym kinda cracks me up.)

I decided to assign my goals a theme - "Bullseye." Like it? Love you. R.

Bob the Woodworker said...

Thanks, Ann, for sharing these goals. I just wish I could come up a line as good as "do busy--but don't do too busy," let alone find that balance.