Thursday, January 12, 2012

Empty Nesters, pt. 1

Here's the dealio about LIFE: you never know how a thing's gonna be until you actually experience that thing. If you have a good imagination, you can figure out part--sometimes even a lot--of it before hand. Still, when you're in the thick of a new experience, some things surprise you.

For instance, I realize I now have to build extra time into any departure strategy from the house, because the dogs need to be let out and also retrieved before I take off. I used to have back up. I could say to Geoff or Q, "Hey, Geoff or Q! Let the dogs out for me, okay?"

But I can't do that now that one of them lives in Provo and the other one lives in Logan.

There's a thing I didn't expect. See what I mean?


Emily said...

Yes, but now whenever I leave the house everyone has to go potty first. So, you know, that can take awhile.

Lisa B. said...

What amuses me so much about this post is that I had not put this phenomenon into words, but had instead just wondered and wondered why it takes us so damned long to get out of the house these days. So: sometimes you use your good imagination, and sometimes you experience things, and sometimes your friend blogs about what you're experiencing...and THEN you get it.

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, I miss my boy slaves too.