Friday, January 20, 2012

Guiding Principle the Fourth


You may have writing opportunities that don't interest you much, but maybe you should think twice before rejecting them--especially at the beginning of your career.

Okay, so I knew early on I wanted to write YA novels. Still, when an opportunity to be an in-house writer for a bunch of MLM companies all over the company presented itself, I took it, mostly because the money was good and my employer promised to upgrade my computer. Anyhoo. I acquired a fairly valuable skill set while I did this. I learned how to . . .

a. write for a closely defined audience
b. write on a tight deadline
c. write to a set word count

And guess what? I now do those things every time I write a column for the Trib. Thanks for that, MLM companies! And thanks, too, for providing me with material I used later on when I wrote AMAZING GRACIE.

No writing is wasted writing.

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Louise Plummer said...

"No writing is wasted writing." Do I believe that? I'm not sure. I'm thinking of an essay I wrote on a train about a novel I knew nothing about. I think I might have skipped that one.