Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guiding Principle the Second


Getting rejected sucks. It sucked when I first started sending out stuff 30 years ago, and it still sucks today. In fact, sometimes it sucks harder. You start to wonder if the game has passed you by, and suddenly you get so sad you start wandering around the house with a forlorn expression on your face while singing "Send in the Clowns."


The fact is that a lot of great writing doesn't get (immediately) (if ever) picked up because that cliche is true: "doesn't meet our needs at this time."

Also, sometimes you and your innocent little manuscript wander into a larger context that you know nothing about. Example. I used to write scripts for Music and the Spoken Word. I know! I'm a former Sermonette Writer! Anyway, I wrote my scripts for years, submitted them, and collected my paycheck. Occasionally I had to re-write, but usually I nailed it with the Tabernacle folks on the first go around.

And then one day . . .

My scripts started getting rejected. And I had to re-write. Over and over. Also, over.

Okay, I am really not a diva. I am a big fan of re-writing, and I take editorial direction well. But I couldn't understand what was happening, nor did the edits always make sense to me. Then one day I DID figure out what was happening. There'd been a corporate reorganization, and suddenly there were lots of new voices sounding off about my little scripts. And, in fact, my scripts were sometimes battlegrounds where egos clashed and duked it out.

At least I think that's what happened. Maybe I just started writing crappy scripts.

I suspect, however, the rejection on that front didn't always have a ton to do with me personally.

Another day. Another Guiding Principle. Thanks for listening.


Patty said...

Mrs. Cannon,
I want to Thank You. My name is Patty Ann Miller. I am an online student with University of Phoenix and I had the privilege of reading your article; 7 key principles for writing success. This was for my COM155 class. I must say while reading that article I could see what it was you were saying. I am not that fond of writing, well I should clarify that by saying I'm not that good at it. You have gave me a boost of encouragement to not only do what is expected of me but to also do my best.
I have a cousin, Pete Turner, who just had his second book released on Friday Jan. 13 2012. Whisper a Scream, (I think is the name)I have yet to read the first one, that might be the name of the first, anyways, I want to read more of your writings. It's like I made a connection with you on some level though your words. It was as though your were here and we were having a chat.
I just wanted to Thank You. Thank You for writing the way you do and I look forward to reading more of your works.
Sincerely, Patty Miller

Becca said...

I believe it. I do. I know the words. But it still feels SO PERSONAL. I'm so in the Rejectamenta Zone right now. And it feels really crappy. And it's hard to remember that writer-ish good things are happening, too. (But they are.)

radagast said...

You have gave me a laugh, Joe!

Louise Plummer said...

Amen, sister.