Monday, January 16, 2012

But first! This!

Okay, so Ken had shoulder surgery today, and both of us misunderestimated (thanks, George Bush!) how long all that takes. I am planning to start up the Principles Discussion tomorrow.

Meanwhile, El Ken is comfortable, which is always how I feel when I'm on drugs. (Thanks, drugs!) Also, he is wearing support hose, and all I can say is dude has seriously good-looking legs--trim ankles, nice calves, lovely thighs. It's enough to make a girl jealous.

Tomorrow then!


Lisa B. said...

Shoulder surgery--dang! Hope he's feeling good soon, sans drugs (I was the epicenter of the intended audience for those scared straight drug movies from the 70s, and I am thus afraid of any drugs besides ibuprofen and DayQuil, and sometimes I am none too sure about the DayQuil).

Louise Plummer said...

I think I am aroused by the description of Ken's support hose.

Bob the Woodworker said...

I am empathetic of Ken for the double embarrassments of having un-manly skinny ankles and the requirement, not only of wearing pantyhose (even in bed!) and letting Ann watch him put them on. Poor Ken. Also, hopefully Ken doesn't have to take drugs long, because all the big painkillers give him nausea and the anti-nausea drugs give him nasty headaches.

SWILUA said...

Very true, Louise. You shouldn't put such erotic imagery on your blog, Ann! Some of us get overly excited about that sort of thing!

Also, I hope he gets well soon. Good luck to both of you!

link2literacy said...

I am still laughing out loud all these days later. And I am so sad I couldn't motor on down to Springville Library to see you AND Louise in action. What a hoot that had to have been! Hugs to you both. R.