Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guiding Principle the Sixth


A lot of people want to write books, and I say yay! But wanting to write one and actually writing one are (sadly) two separate things. I know a writer who has already planned a monster, cross-country book tour, down to that writer's outfit (awesome hats are involved). However . . . there's no manuscript yet.

Writing is often hard work, which is why it's so easy to avoid doing it. But it's doable work. Set realistic daily goals and then carve out the time to achieve them. Right now I'm happy if I can get down 500 words a day. But if I keep this up (and I've said this before here, so forgive me for repeating myself), there will be a book at the end of the tunnel.

Possibly a crappy book.

But that's not the point.

The point is that you gotta make a plan and roll up your sleeves. And then roll your sleeves down again if it's freaking cold in your house. Obv.


Jeanna said...

Oh, Ann! I love you! I took a class from you somewhere around the dawn of time (I'm pretty sure that reflects something about both of us, but I'm not sure what), and then I stumbled across your blog recently. Did I mention that I adore you? Well, I do. I definitely want to be like you when I grow up.

And also, around my house we have to roll down the sleeves, then put on a jacket, gloves, slippers, and hat. But after all that, I try to get to work (a four-letter word, did you notice?).

I'dratherberiding said...

Awesome hats for a book tour? I must re-think my wardrobe! NOW!

And then I'll get around to writing the manuscript.

Thanks for the advice. It is much appreciated!

Louise Plummer said...

I don't know many writers who are actually invited to do a book tour.

I do know writers, who are asked to sign books in book stores, and customers come by and ask where the bathroom is. I don't know if one needs a hat for that.

Denver said...

Thanks Ann... I needed this today.