Monday, January 23, 2012

We Interrupt This Principled Discussion

. . . to tell you what I did this morning.

1. I met Lisa B. for breakfast, and
2. I refused to pay for my parking space with a credit card, so I
3. worried a little between bites of sausage and egg whites if
4. Mayor Becker was gonna get on his bike and
5. personally give me a ticket, in which case I
6. would have to explain that I didn't pay for my parking spot
7. because I am totally pissed off about credit card meters
8. for a variety of reasons, one of which is
9. that I can never remember what my stall number is by the time
10. I get to the payment booth, so then I have to
11. walk back to my stall to re-check the number over and over
12. like I have OCD, and also
13. WTH you can't tell if there's any time left over in a parking spot like you can with coins, which
14. makes me even pissier, and yes
15. I hold Mayor Becker and his bicycle personally responsible; the good news
16. is that apparently he got the ANN-IS-PISSED memo, because
17. I didn't get a ticket.
18. And also I had a nice breakfast.
19. Thanks for that, Mayor!


Kamp Kyburz said...

Ooh, don't even get me started on parking in your fair city. Have you had any interesting experiences concerning the parking spots for electric cars only?

Lisa B. said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love the idea of the mayor on his bike giving a parking ticket expressly to you.

It was a nice breakfast, wasn't it?

Louise Plummer said...

I didn't know we had credit card meters. Why didn't I know this? (Oh, I park in handicapped parking--free).

Is it worth the handicap?