Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Stats (with a nod to Lisa B.)

Over at High Touch Megastore, Lisa B. is fond of posting personal "stats." I am so in love with these entries of hers that I am brazenly stealing the format and using it myself. Thanks for that, Lisa B.!

CONSUMED: Two cans of Dr. Pepper, half a glass of Coke, cocoa, a scrambler with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, hash browns, 3 cookies, 3 bites of a Snickers bar

WANT TO CONSUME: Vast amounts of Mexican food

MOOD: Lazy

LISTENED TO: Some generic heavy metal on some new generic heavy metal station on the car radio--was too lazy to change the channel

HEARD: That the Black Keys are coming to town in May--feel too lazy to buy tickets

VISITED WITH: Three of the five sons on the telephone and one of the two cats not on the telephone

CONFERRED WITH: Nicole from Westminster about her Masters Track Program

WROTE: Rough draft of a column wherein I discuss my desire to consume vast amounts of Mexican food in January

WATCHED: More MSNBC than is good for your brain


DECISIONS PENDING: Should Ken and I stay in tonight or go eat Mexican


Lisa B. said...

<3 love!

Also: just go eat Mexican food. Tis the season. Wish I could just go eat it with you.

In conclusion: enchilada. (or in your case: relleno.)

Amelia said...

Mexican always. Just remember that sometime you might find yourself in a country where there is a serious dearth of Mexican food and you will LONG for an enchilada. Long for it!
For the record:
Consumed, one dr pepper with lotsa ice. Two mini green and blacks chocolate bars, or was it three.

James said...

I just posted this on your SL Trib Facebook, but Lyle Lovett has a great reference to Enchiladas in This Old Porch:

And this old porch is like a steaming, greasy plate of enchiladas
With lots of cheese and onions
And a guacamole salad
And you can get'em down at the lasalle hotel
In old downtown
With iced tea and a waitress
And she will smile every time

Mexican is always a good choice.

radagast said...

Cure for winter blues = self-mexicating?

Q said...

It's a little pathetic when an 18 year old guy who is really into music learns from his mother's blog that the Black Keys are soon coming to his home town. Still, WE ARE GOING MOM!

Bob the Woodworker said...

I need to remember how much I learn about Ann's life (and my life) from reading Ann's blogs. Um, that Rio Grande mexican food was pretty wonderful! Self-mexicating, indeed!