Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what i watched on tv (with one hand) last night

of course a devotee of celebrity gossip like unto myself would know who the kardashians are, even if that knowledge was extremely limited. mainly i knew that these sisters have long dark hair, that they all date professional athletes, and that their mother married bruce jenner even though he doesn't have a nose due to plastic surgery issues.

hey! i may not have a hand but i do still have a nose, she said proudly!

anyway, i finally watched an episode of their reality tv show out of pure laziness and wow. all i can say is that i feel much dumber this morning.

thanks for that, kardashian sisters!


LucindaF said...

I see their pictures as I put eggs, milk, bananas, brocolli, and such on the grocery store germ conveyor.

Other than that, I'm lost.
Glad you pulled your iq together to put up this post.

I think if you have a bowl of grapenuts you'll be fine.

Becca said...

I think I get dumber watching pretty much any TV show - but did you ever see that show Pushing Daisies? Best. Dialog. Ever. (Available for one-handed Netflix subscribers.)

Lisa B. said...

I have never watched their show, but nonetheless I dislike them, because, why are these people famous? for having dark hair and being pretty? boo to that. I don't even like making fun of them because it means acknowledging that they exist. At all. as famous people.