Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what i realized (with one hand) yesterday afternoon

sarah palin bugs me. that's not what i realized, though. i already knew that. whenever i see her on tv i always think dude the only reason america is still listening to you is that you're unbelievably GORGEOUS. it was the same way with princess diana, although i will confess to having owned every single book ever written about princess diana including THE ROYAL FAMILY POP-UP BOOK which i ill-advisedly sold at a yard sale. i miss that book so much--especially the corgis that jumped up and snapped treats out of prince andrew's hand whenever you pulled one of the paper tabs.

Whatever. back to sarah palin. here's what i realized. she and i have something in common. we both write crap on our hands. i write on my hand because i know i won't lose it the way i always lose scraps of paper. maybe it's the same for her. it would suck to lose that paper with all your notes about national fiscal policy on it. i hate it when i lose my national fiscal policy notes.

don't you?


Becca said...

Maybe I should rethink my "hand scribbling issues" - because I hate ink on my hands, but worse? I hate that my pockets/purse/car/bra are so full of little lists and reminders that I can never remember where to find anything. (Confession: I don't really keep paper in my bra. I just thought it sounded funny.)

LucindaF said...

She is beautiful, isn't she? I feel bad for her, actually. I think she'd be a really awesome friend to hang out with.
You know, fishing, hunting, shooting stuff...
Some are not blessed with oration. But I like her fire and kick butt attitude. I just cringe when she talks.

I think the crack by Robert Gibbs was... beneath our nation. To put it lightly.

I just think it's funny how much the both parties crow over her. They just know she's beautiful and she could totally kick their butts in a fight. She's Angelina in Boob Raider.

The lady doesn't speak for me. But she's under politicians skin, which I like.

P.S. Hi Mom!

LucindaF said...

P.S.S. Ann, I can see your house from here.

Mystery Girl said...

Things it is OK to write on your hand
a guy's phone number in a club

I suppose Palin's OK to look at but honestly if she wins in 2012 I'm moving to Canada!

Lisa B. said...

The corgis. Woe. Did you ever read that hilarious piece in the New Yorker, recounting the way the Queen supposedly spent the day Charles and Camilla wed, including acting out the wedding with the corgis? I will try to find it for you. Because it was priceless.

I do not write things on my hand, but I do have a purse that I think is seriously going to eat my head because it is so crammed full of stuff that, if I wanted to seriously be in control of my life, I would just write on my hand.

Brittany said...

She definitely is very attractive. I liked her a lot at first. And I probably would still like her if she kept her mouth shut. But... she never does keep it shut.

The other day at the grocery store I saw an old man buying her book, along with a copy of an unrated version of some college party movie (there were scantily clad women on the front of the cover if this gives you any indication of what the unrated parts probably were). Old man, Sarah Palin and porn. I'm still cringing.

Amy said...

Oh make me happy.

I wrote a lady's phone number on my hand last week while doing my visiting teaching. Then I felt like a dirty little 14 year old boy. Getting a chick's number and writing on my hand and all....