Wednesday, February 17, 2010

before i forget

please keep posting about mexican foodage below. but before i forget i have to mention the books i've finished reading in the past few weeks because that's my goal this year. to read more. to read as much as i eat. yes. i know. the impossible dream.

KNOWN TO EVIL by walter mosley--second in a new series. new york noir. i liked quite a bit but don't feel compelled to read another

THE CRIMES OF PARIS by the hooblers--historical true crime. the hooblers, who are novelists, know how to give their history narrative arc. SO interesting. loved learning about the theft of the mona lisa and the underworld of belle epoch paris.

DEATH OF A VALENTINE by beaton--why do i love this series so much? but i do! i think i like the cozy-with-malice thing going on. i also like hamish's record of what he eats (mostly sandwiches, coffee and tinned beans). i like his pets, too.

am currently reading SEDUCTION AND BETRAYAL by elizabeth hardwick for my book group. title is much more thrilling than actual book, which is a collection of essays about women writers. you know. brontes. virginia woolf. sylvia plath. the usual suspects. i'm interested because of being an old english major. but i can't really imagine anybody else caring very much.

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LucindaF said...

Working at the TKE must help you know what books to pick up. I haven't heard of any of those. But, I'm also not a big mystery person.

Maybe you should venture into the adult genre. Because, you know, Ann Cannon can do anything.