Friday, February 5, 2010

what i can't say

why sometimes we like a book and sometimes we don't. after my surgery, sweet friend betsy brought me the new donna leon. donna leon is hugely popular right now and she's a good writer to be sure. but somehow i can never quite get into her mysteries. and so while i appreciate betsy's generous gesture so much, i may put the leon aside.

what i can say, however . . .

my experience with the leon novel is a good thing actually. it serves to remind that readers aren't monolithic which means there's a place for many types of stories and styles and everything else.

long live donna leon!


Louise Plummer said...

Yeah, and all those other people I don't like to read.

There's that religious poem: I complained to God about my injured hand, and he showed me a man who almost lost his hand entirely.

The original poem is barely better than this.

Carolyn V. said...

Wonderful thoughts. Just what I needed to hear tonight. Thanks