Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Working on Thanksgiving

This morning while I was shopping for Thanksgiving at the Smith's downtown, I struck up a conversation with an employee, who suddenly launched about how wrong it is for people to shop on Thanksgiving.  She's senior enough herself that she isn't working on Thanksgiving, but she thinks it's better for folks to stay home and enjoy their people and their meal and give everybody a break.

And all I could do was stand there and say "d'accord."  Which was weird.  Because I usually don't speak French when I'm shopping for Thanksgiving at Smith's.


Lisa B. said...

oui, c'est vrai. I think speaking French at the Smith's should be de rigueur.

Louise Plummer said...

Thank you, people who work on Thanksgiving. There's always something I've forgotten. Thank you 7-Eleven. Some of us can't live without the 24-hour possibility of buying whipping cream.

Jim said...

I am thankful Circle K is open tomorrow. I can almost guarantee you that I will want 42oz Polar Pop of Diet Dr. P to help me out. (Polar Pops stay colder longer, it even says so on the cup.) With that being said, I always feel like I need to apologize to the workers that I am shopping on Thanksgiving, ergo making the employees work on Thanksgiving.