Friday, November 11, 2016

A recommendation

There have been some lovely moments, but overall this has been a crap week.

Which is why Sara and I decided to "eat our emotions" today.  We met for breakfast and PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS and hell if I didn't give myself permission to eat my emotions all day long.  To wit I had a lovely salad with my mother, a southwestern burger and French fries with Ken Cannon, a big slice of chocolate cake, plenty of white fudge-dipped Oreos, Dr Peppers galore, a Coke, and peppermint ice cream.



Holly Robinson said...

Same. But I started Wednesday. I've done an admirable job eating feelings all week. I'll worry about reining it in next week, but this week was all about survival.

Emily said...

This sounds lovely.

Lisa B. said...

The only thing wrong with this story is that I wasn't there doing it too. But I do appreciate it, the substance and the scope of it.