Friday, November 4, 2016

Just call me Sister Grumpypants

So I've been noticeably grumpy the last few weeks, which . . . I don't like.  So I spent part of today trying to decide why I'm grumpy.  And then I spent the other part of the day eating Kathy Barnson's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies like a boss.  YAY ME!

Anyway, here's what I decided.

1.  The election.  This election cycle has brought out the worst in EVERYONE.  Except, apparently, for Melania Trump who is urging us all to be kinder and not bully people, especially online.  Which IRONY!

2.  Fall.  Yes.  It's beautiful.  But gah.  Can you say SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER?

3.  Tinkerbell.  I know.  I'm the one who wanted another Newfie, but she's a one-hundred pound puppy who is kicking my butt right now. I put out Thanksgiving decorations this morning, which she chewed up while I wasn't watching.  Dude, I said to her.  Did you really need TO SNACK ON MY PILGRIMS?

4.  Family.  You never stop worrying.

Okay.  Remind me that the Cubs won again and I'll be fine.  Thanks for listening.


radagast said...

Sing, sister. And now "daylight" "saving" "time." Meaning that oh-dark-thirty comes at 4:30. But, yeah. Cubs. Grandkids. Cookies.

Megan Goates said...

Number 3 reminded me of my own 130 lb Newfie (by Newfie, I mean human child) who, this week, broke my bedside lamp---last remaining functioning lamp in the house---as well as his bedroom door and one of the kitchen bar stools. Dude, why, indeed. And yes, worry is like a mom's default emotion. xoxo 😘