Thursday, January 1, 2015

New year, (possibly) new directions

I've been thinking a lot about my writing life lately--the parts of it I still enjoy, the parts I don't--and it occurs to me that I maybe ought to try a few new things.  I have some ideas for adult (as opposed to YA) novels, and I'm interested in seeing what I can do on that front.  I remember reading somewhere that Isabel Allende always starts the new year by lighting a candle and starting a new novel.  And if I just made that up, it's still a good idea and I think she should do that.

Did you hear me, Isabel?  JUMP ON IT!

And I will, too.  Except today is almost over and I'm tired, so maybe I'll light that candle and start a new book tomorrow.

What plans do YOU have for 2015?

Happy New Year, everyone!


Lisa B. said...

I'm excited at the prospect of anything you write--anything at all. So if you need a cheerleader, or to envision a reader who cannot WAIT for more words from you, you may add me to that throng. Light that candle, girlfriend.

radagast said...

I am also in that throng. Write on, my friend. Light it up.

Lauren said...

I know this writers' group you are always welcome to join where you can share new ideas with your writing and get some good feedback.

As for me, I'm anti setting resolutions this year so my goal is simply: be happy.