Friday, January 2, 2015

Well now here's something I'm considering . . .

You know how I always get all panicked whenever I anticipate the arrival of January?  I'm like one of those minor Scandinavian gods, running around Valhalla and pulling out my (very blond) hair while shrieking that the twilight thing is nigh.

ME:  "Loki!  Loki!  We're ALL DOOMED!

So I make plans.  I vow to get out and try new things.  Or cook fantastic new dishes.  Or train for a marathon.  

I don't regret having done any of those things in the past.  But it occurred to me last year that when March comes, I usually feel better whether I take ballet lessons or learn how to speak Russian or not.  Which has led me to just own the fact that I'm low-energy and non-life-loving this time of year.  I'm not going to be afraid of feeling this way anymore.

And if I want to take more naps than usual, so be it.


Lisa B. said...

Add to the naps some breakfasts, and we're in total agreement on this one. January is when we must hibernate in order to rest our souls, which have been taxed nigh unto hysteria by Christmas. Naps are totally in order. But also breakfast. So let's have some.

p.s. Sophia told me she wants more Ann in her life this year, and wondered if I could help her make that happen. I told her I felt the very same way.

shelley said...

Yes. Yes to this post.

Emily said...

Here, here to more naps!