Monday, January 26, 2015

Hair issues

So TRQ doesn't believe in gray hair, a fact I've written about before.  And I did wonder when I decided to go au natural what her response would be.

The people, she has been a model of restraint although I know this state of affairs is making her die a little inside every time she sees me.  But nary an anti-gray word as passed her lips lo these many months, and I have been beyond impressed.

However.  The last two times she's seen me she's asked if I've recently dyed my hair blue.  BLUE!   At first I thought she was kidding as in "HA!  HA!  LITTLE OLD LADIES WITH GRAY HAIR LIKE TO DYE THEIR HAIR BLUE!"  But then I realized her question was serious.

It must be said that TRQ does have some precedent for worrying about cotton candy hair color where I'm concerned. A few years ago when I ran the Tinker Bell half, I put a little pink in my hair just to make myself feel fleet of foot and fairy-ish.  So it would not surprise her (nor would it please her) if I showed up with blue hair.

But no.  My hair is not blue.

Except that my dad yesterday also asked me if my hair was blue.  He was staring at me when he asked this, looking genuinely puzzled as in "I THINK MY DAUGHTER HAS BLUE HAIR TODAY, BUT WHY?"

So I said, "DAD!  I do not have blue hair."

To which he said, "Well, you never know with people who live in the Avenues."


James said...

Hahahahahahahahahahah. You ought to get temporary blue dye for your hair the next time you plan to see them.

Lisa B. said...

this made me laugh. I agree with James, for the record.

Sarah said...

Those Avenues people are always up to something.

Emily said...

We might need a photo of this blue hair, for the record.

Anne Holman said...

I love your dad even more now!