Monday, January 12, 2015

Worry Warts Unite!

It's funny how ideas for columns come.

I was driving around Saturday a) cursing the smog, b) although I was clearly contributing to it by c) driving around.  I was also wondering what I could possibly write about.  And then voices came out of the radio (like angels!) discussing longevity and how happy-go-lucky, optimistic people don't always fare better when it comes to living longer.  In fact, it helps to be something of a worrier.

And boom.

I had an idea.

So I went home to ask Ken Cannon if I'm a worrier and he said no.  I'm a sufferer.  But I'm not a worrier.   And next thing you know, I was at my computer, writing this column.


Sarah said...

That's one long life for me!


Megan said...

I have this image in my mind of a young girl awkwardly pulling back her lips, clenching her teeth, and leaning into a spinning boat propeller. It's so weird. And I keep laughing.

James said...

Alfred E. Newman doesn't worry, and he hasn't aged much. But if you are convinced that worry prolongs life, here are a five things to worry about:

1. Stray Pit-Bulls smelling the "in-heat" scent on your kids after they have played with your matter if the pit bull is several blocks away;
2. Global warming melting the Polar Bear's ice-caps;
3. Fracking...whatever that is;
4. Bruce Jenner turning into another Kardashian woman; and
5. Chipping your teeth on boat propellers