Friday, June 22, 2012

WIFYR 2012: The Final Day

Dear WIFYR 2012 Cannonballs,

You guys have been awesome.  THANK you for bringing your A-game to our class each day.  I have enjoyed getting to know you so very, very much.

Here are a few things I'll remember--

Jared's epic mullet
Linda's calming, intelligent presence
Elizabeth's willingness to step outside her comfort zone
Tabitha's rockin' lyrics
Rebecca's great southern dialogue
Katy's rendering of TOUGH BORIS
Heather's moving story about her experience in China
Fatma's kind eyes and elegant stories from another country

Keep writing.  I mean it.


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like you were all lucky, to have this experience. (it goes without saying that they were lucky to have you be their teacher.)

Heather said...

We were each lucky to have a teacher like Ann, who helped each of us to see that, no matter where we are in our writing process right now, we each have enough amazingness to work into living our writing dreams.