Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday morning I took a long run on the beach from here to the San Clemente pier.  It's a nice beach to run because parts of it are quite secluded due to limited access from the road.  That's probably why I saw a single crane just standing there.  No one around to bother it.

Have you ever seen a crane up close?  They're HUGE.  And this one was standing as still as death.  As I approached, it didn't flinch.  Not a bit . . . until I was a few feet away.  And then with a flick of reptilian eye, it took flight, beating the air with broad prehistoric wings until it glided over the water and into sky.

Awesome.  Truly.


Louise Plummer said...


radagast said...

Magical. Almost thou persuadeth me to run. Almost. As long as there's a secluded beach. And a crane.

Lisa B. said...

Fantastic. And I agree with Radagast--I could almost imagine running, if this setting/outcome could be guaranteed. But not really, actually. Walking, yes.