Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I find by the time Wednesday rolls around during conference week my brain feels like a sponge that has been wrung dry.  An old sponge that leaves little moldy (also smelly) bits of itself in the cleaning bucket.  Which means that people just go "ew" when they pick it up.  So they throw it away along with the empty Sausage McMuffin wrapper left over from breakfast.  And then they drive to
WalMart to buy a new one.  Or possibly more than one if the price is right.  Which is always awesome when you can buy two sponges for the price of one.

So yeah.  That's how I feel right now.  Conference week is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.  The exhausting part hit today.  More of the exhilarating part will hit tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a participant gave me a simple, brilliant idea.  I talked about the importance of showing up daily to do the work.  Write 500 words a day and you'll have a novel by the end of the year.  The participant said, "And give yourself a gold star on a calendar every day you write your 500 words."  And you know what?  I AM ALL OVER THAT IDEA.

Will write for gold stars.  That's my new motto, people.


Lisa B. said...

500 words makes feel like I might need more than a gold star. Like maybe a sandwich. With a bag of chips. But okay, gold star, YEAH.

Kim said...

Great idea!

Louise Plummer said...

500 words and you deserve to eat a whole cake.

Karen said...

I agree with Louise. Only I think I might lean more toward ice cream. I wish I could be there this year!

Jeanna Stay said...

I ran across a similar idea a while ago, so I have this calendar up on my wall and I mark every day I've done some writing (and write down how much I did). I feel all shiny and awesome when I look at it. But now I think I might start adding gold stars too.