Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As if you really wanted to look at my feet

However, here they are.  This is what they look like after I've gone barefoot running.

I decided today that one of the reasons that I like running barefoot is that I have to pay attention to what my feet are doing while I'm running so that I don't step on dirty needles, shards of glass, and so forth.  In other words, at the risk of sounding all Zen, I have to be thoroughly in the moment when my feet are naked, and I am cutting through the mud and grass.  I can't be busy spinning scenarios of future catastrophes for me and mine, a skill in which I awesomely excel.  (HIGH FIVE ME!  WAY TO SPIN THOSE SCENARIOS OF CATASTROPHE!)  In stead I have to pay attention to what's happening now.

Running barefoot = mood meds.


James said...

Carpe Diem, live in he moment,run barefoot wit purple toe-nail polish. Nice.

CSIowa said...

I'm impressed! I thought most barefoot runners wore special barefoot running shoes.

Lisa B. said...

I think your feet, like the rest of you, are cute. Also, I am beyond impressed about that barefoot running. Gosh.