Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Setting goals for 2010

Over at Throwing Up Words, my funny friends Carol Williams and Ann Dee Ellis have been urging fellow writers to set writing goals. And I enjoyed Louise Plummer's post about resolutions at Five Crows. So now I feel like I oughta set some goals (other than the ones I make every year for famous people) (because making resolutions for other people is so much EASIER than making them for yourself).

Anyway. Here are a few.

1. Read More. I'm kind of shocked by how much I don't read these days, and I want to correct that. To wit, I'll read in the morning because THEN I won't fall asleep.

2. Write (something!) (anything!) M-F.

3. Don't order soda at restaurants (ha!).

4. Think about running a marathon.

5. You'll notice I said "think."

What else? Enjoy friends. Go on dates with Ken. Rehabilitate my right thumb. Call my mother every day. Set limits for myself when it comes to buying more holiday decorations.

Still deciding . . .


Carolyn V. said...

Love the goals! Especially #5.

Lisa B. said...

These are lovely goals, and I completely support you in each and every one of them. However, I would like to see the goals you set for the celebrities. The people need to know!

Kerry said...

I used to run marathons. I don't recommend it. We can talk. xo.

LucindaF said...

I can help you with number 3 when I make it down. I'll take you to lunch and when the waiter person comes over, I'll give you "the look", and you will pass on the coke. And then I will order two, and share.

Andria said...

I chose to not make resolutions this year and to make wishes instead. But they're good wishes and I know I'll have to work at them to make them come true!

Becca said...

I enjoy making resolutions for other people, too, even though there's something, um, less resolute about it that way.