Thursday, January 21, 2010

purple cow

i'm off to tooele today to visit the lovely isla at her sweet store the purple cow. there will be talk of boys and books, thanks to the utah humanities council public square program. and then i may possibly get the opportunity to sign a few books with my left hand. good times!


Louise Plummer said...

Where is Tooele?

You know that writing with your non-dominant hand is healthy for your brain. It helps grow new synapses and staves off Alzheimer's. So here's hoping you have to sign a boat load of books.

Lisa B. said...

In my Betty Crocker Boys & Girls Cookbook, which was, for the record, my very first cookbook, the Purple Cow is one of several milk-based beverages, in which you put a portion of grape juice mixed with milk. It used to be delicious, but I have a suspicion that it would not be delicious anymore.

Where are the beverages of yesteryear?

LucindaF said...

Hey, I love your scribbly, disabled signature.

Hope you had a great time.

Valynne said...

This is totally unrelated to the Purple Cow, and I guess I could have e-mailed you, but . . . just thought you should know that So Cupcake is giving a free mini-cupcake away to everyone who comes in this Saturday.

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

I wanted to stop in and join in your "conversation" but didn't make it back in time.

My kids and I love Purple Cow. (How could you not with that name?)

Hope you had fun!

Bob the Woodworker said...

Wasn't it Batman who signed Bruce Wayne with his right hand and Batman with his left so that no one would recognize he had an alter ego? I wonder if he wrote badly with his left hand so that everyone thought Batman was goofy? Maybe you should have signed your name "Batwoman"? Hahaha!