Friday, May 1, 2009

Where NOT to write

At Nordstrom. Here's why.

I was supposed to meet my parents for lunch at the new Nordstrom in the Fashion Place mall. Only they were REALLY late, so I sat down in a chair, pulled out a notebook, and tried to collect my thoughts for a piece I have to do. EXCEPT I was too distracted by the sight of women tottering around, wearing ridiculous shoes. Towering heels! Gladiator sandals! Shoes that look like cages! It's like everyone was channeling Gwyneth Paltrow.

Here's what I think about shoes. Unless I can run across the street and down a flight of stairs to catch the subway in them when I'm visiting New York, they're pretty much useless to me.

(My parents finally showed up. We went upstairs where my dad had a club sandwich and my mother and I ate Chinese chicken salads. I know you were wondering.)


BBB said...

Maybe your piece should be a letter to the shoes or to the women that wear those shoes. I would like to know what you would say to them.

Louise Plummer said...

Gladiator shoes are the worst. Really, they are so ugly.

That restaurant is a bit dark for writing. Did you know there's a Market Street Broiler on 106th south just west of I-15? It's a good place to meet people from Provo.

Lisa B. said...

Uh, but what about the fact that the ridiculous shoes are pretty? Absurd . . . ly beautiful? Laughable . . . ly brilliant?

Thankfully, there was the chicken salad. To save things.

Pink Ink said...

I am awed by women who wear high heel shoes.