Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Column I Won't Write

I have a whole stack of columns I won't write for the paper, mainly because I know people will recognize themselves in an uncomfortable way. And really. That's not what the column's about. However, I feel like I can do a quick blog entry because not many people read this and those of you who do won't mind. THANK YOU BLOG READERS. I totally kiss you on the lips!

So my youngest boy came home yesterday and told me he saw the mother of one of his old friends at a restaurant. Now here's the deal about this mom. She has always been "smoking hot" (as all those ladies in weight loss commercials like to say about their new bodies). Seriously smoking. In a tan-blond-white-toothed-drop-dead-gorgeous-So-Cal kind of way. Even eleven year old males (like my son and his friends) were reduced to little puddles of nervous boyness whenever she walked into a room. Anyway, my son hadn't seen her in awhile and he reported that she'd "put on a few L.B.s."

"So am I skinnier than her?" I asked.

He thought about this for a moment. "No. I think you're about the same now."

His future wife will be happy to know that I gave him a terse, brief lecture on how NOT to answer that question.


Lisa B. said...

You might want to have him practice giving the better, more politic answer--but I'm sure his future wife totally thanks you.

Louise Plummer said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You keep asking the question. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Bryan Wilde said...

Your last column about Edward-YOU'RE-NOT-REAL-Cullen, is up there as one of my favs (along with walking into sacrament meeting with your Dr. Pepper). My wife insisted on reading it out loud to me because she thought it was hilarious. You have such a humorous way of telling real life as it is.