Friday, May 22, 2009

What i've learned and also it's official

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: if you are right-handed, you sure do a lot of things with your right hand.

IT'S OFFICIAL: Waterboarding is, in fact, torture. i know this as a result of having my husband attempt to wash my hair. Let's just say I had water in my eyes, in my nose, and in my mouth. If Sean Hannity still needs convincing about waterboarding equaling torture, I will send my husband over to wash his hair.


candace said...

ha ha! So I started practicing to write with my left hand when I was 16 because I was sure I would need the "versatility" one day...haven't yet (knock on wood) but I can write with my right AND left hands now! Apparently I should have been using all that time to teach myself how to type with one hand...may have been more useful!

Lisa B. said...

Very very very very very very funny.

I have never had to test the right-handedness situation in a hardcore situation such as yours and I am right now knocking on wood, with both hands, that I never have to. Thanks for pressing on.

Louise Plummer said...

It might be easier to go to a salon and let them wash your hair. Or perhaps Q. can do it. Very funny. Ken washing your hair would make a great scene in a movie.