Tuesday, May 5, 2009

After all these years

So I've been drafted into helping with my high school reunion, which is funny because I don't really like to go to my reunions. Anyway, I went to a planning meeting where I was surrounded by former classmates . . . and suddenly I felt like the shy, tongue-tied, awkward seventh-grader I was way back when.

The reason I bring this up is that people who write for young readers are fond of telling you at which age they terminated growth. Well, last night I was thirteen all over again. And. it. was. so. not. fun.

What age are you? Psychologically speaking, of course.


wjmom said...

I moved from my small town just after our sophomore year of high school. At our 20 year reunion I crashed the party, and I was relieved to find that they no longer intimidated me. I may have been a total brainy nerd back then, but it's served me well in the years since.

So there!

(OK, maybe part of me is stuck in 10th grade) :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about high school reunions the other day. I am pretty sure I have -1,000,000% (yes, that is a real percentage to me) desire to go to them.

In my head, I feel like I am still 16. So when people are like, "So, when are you guys going to have babies?" In my head I'm thinking, "But i'm only 16!"


ps- I really do love your blog.

Lisa B. said...

Ugh, totally 13. Awkward, wearing skirts too long, wildly uncool. I never got over believing that this is who I truly am. Oh, and also? the spelling bee champion of the county. Cementing my nerdiness for an eternity.

Kerry said...

I spent all day at my old high school today.



Rabbit said...

Sixteen and I'm wearing my favorite red blazer with some kind of emblem on the pocket as if I went to some eastern prep school. I really wanted to go an eastern prep school: Dalton or Marymount. I wanted to growup outside the orphanage. Far far from that orphanage.

Louise Plummer said...

Okay that was not Rabbit. That was me.

Carolyn V. said...

When I write, my characters are always 17. Oh my gosh. Does that mean I'm still in high school?! GET ME OUT!