Monday, May 25, 2009


now that i can't knit due to breakage, i'm reading a tad more. right now am reading the indian bride by a norwegian named karin fossum. she used to be a poet and you can tell because her use of language is slightly more disciplined than what you find in the average mystery (and i say that as a person who loves the average mystery). i'm reading with several lobes of the brain at the same time--the lobe that just enjoys the story and the lobe that keeps asking how is she doing that. it's the curse of being a writer a little. you can never completely sink into a novel and lose yourself the way you did before you started writing yourself.

friend susan also dropped by the fairy tales of oscar wilde since we're supposed to be reading him for our bookgroup tuesday. dude. i'm over the irish now. this year has been a grim slog through alcoholism, catholicism, mom-ism, whatever. maybe oscar will uplift me. we'll see.

still knocking back dr. pepper. also plowed through a mountain of cummings chocolates from tom and louise. am craving garlic burgers but don't have the will to drive myself to a public place and eat.


Louise Plummer said...

What is with the Irish? In New York, we went to several plays at the Irish Repertory Theater. It was like entering hell. Makes me grateful for my mediocre Calvinist ghosts.

Lisa B. said...

Yes, well, that's their charm, right? but I agree--so much darker than I'd thought. That's why there's all that drinking, frankly. Still interesting to me, however.

Can't wait till you're up and about again--but glad, for your sake, that there are novels and Dr. Pepper and chocolate. Can't you get one of those boys of yours to fetch you a garlic burger? Stat?

word verification: winie. So appropriate. For the Irish!

Bryan Wilde said...

Speaking of books to read, have you read, "Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins? My wife insisted I read it and thinking it to be some chick-book, I wasn't too excited. I read the dang thing in 2 days. Stephanie Meyer said she took it to the restaurant and held it under the table to read. I highly recommend it, and I don't recommend a lot of books (except all of yours, of course).