Friday, May 15, 2009

Where did this week go?

I blogged on Tuesday. Which feels like five minutes ago. But here it is--Friday night already.

In my defense I've been pretty busy. I subbed at The King's English tonight, for instance, where we had an event for Jessica Day George who is writing up a storm. I have to say it's really gratifying to see so many of our Utah authors do so well. Yay Utah authors! And yay for the readers, booksellers and reviewers (I'm thinking of Scott Renshaw from City Weekly here) who support them.

And now for the Subject du Jour (thanks, Kim, for the suggestion)--how do you handle criticism of your work?


Alec said...

Nobody has criticized my blog yet. That is the only thing I write that could be criticized. Take that all you professional writers!

Louise Plummer said...

I put my comment on this post under the cupcake post. I'm confused.

Pink Ink said...

I just posted about my first 250 words being critiqued on Miss Snark's First Victim.

How I handle criticism: at first it stings, then I put a band-aid on, push my sleeves up and get to work.