Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's what happens when . . .

. . . you give your son your password. He writes things like "my Cadillac of sons." Yes. It's true. He wrote that previous post. I want my other sons to know this, in case they read this post (which I doubt they will). Sons, you are all Cadillacs to me.

Okay. You'll see yourselves here. I used your info about "Dogs" and "What They Eat" for the column. My gratitude runs deep. Thank you.


Louise Plummer said...

Great column. Regular dog food must be disgusting. Imagine what the diet stuff must taste like. Just put out a bowl of broken up Barbies. They'll snarf it right down.

Alec said...

I think the brothers would have murdered me once and for all if I had been the one to pull that stunt (since they already think I am the favorite anyway...which I am).

I was glad to see Leila's consumption of used Kleenex make it into the paper. Though I am grateful that she didn't contribute more.