Friday, May 8, 2009

Another column I probably won't write

Because I have a column in the paper, I get a lot of press releases for EVERYTHING. Today I got one from the UFRW (Utah Federation of Republican Women) announcing that they have come out in support of Miss California for her stand on traditional marriage.

Okay. I happen to think Perez Hilton is pretty much a weenie although I do check in at his blog from time to time. And Miss California was certainly within her rights to express an honest opinion. BUT the press release struck me as unintentionally funny because come on. Do you really think of "Utah Republican Women" and "nude pictures of Christian models splashed all over the internet" in the same thought breath?

I don't either.

So anyway I responded to the press release, saying pretty much what I just said above and got a terse response, (sort of) taking me to task for focusing on the bikini factor instead of on her moral bravery.

I heart America so much.

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Lisa B. said...

Oh, I *so* wish you would write a column about this. Can't you? PLEASE.